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We are a husband and wife team (Edgar and Sarah) who want to help parents all over the world teach their children through scriptures. We have five kids ranging from ages 3 to 9. Every night we try to have a fun but serious experience with scriptures, hoping we can teach our kids to have faith, humility, charity, virtue, love, and kindness. Unfortunately, as most of you probably know, scripture reading can be full of challenges – we sometimes don’t know which scripture to read to our children, parts of the verses are hard for children (and sometimes parents) to understand, while other parts can be uninteresting, and so on. As a result of these and other challenges, our children sometimes struggle to stay focused and get anything out of scripture study.

As we pondered these challenges, we realized some of the best experiences we’ve had have been when we’ve used the scriptures to discuss a behavior we observed during the day. For example sharing scriptures about patience if we observed our kids arguing with one another, or reading about resurrection when our pet fish died. Our kids are much more attentive, thoughtful, and likely to learn more when we apply scriptures to their life activities. Imagine if we could do this every day?

This app is an attempt to provide that kind of experience for our children on a daily basis. We believe each day is filled with Scripture Moments, or rather events that could be made into strong learning opportunities if we just had the perfect scripture to share. As you go about your day, keep an eye out for such moments, then come to our site and find the scripture lesson you need to have a meaningful scripture study with your family. Each of our scripture lessons will provide the ideal scenarios to use it for, beautiful scriptures that apply to the scenarios, context so the scripture makes more sense, questions to engage a meaningful conversation, and sometimes even a story that could help children understand the scripture better. *Note: We are starting with the King James Version of the Bible, but we want to eventually have other scriptures from different religions.

We hope you enjoy our site and it makes a difference in your life. Please, use the Contact Us page to let us know if and how our site is helping, what we could do to make it more meaningful, which scenarios you’d like us to cover, or to just say hi.

Thanks again!

Edgar and Sarah